Antonio E. Nardi, Richard Balon, Guy Chouinard, Fiammetta Cosci, Steven Dubovsky, Giovanni A. Fava, Rafael C. Freire, David J. Greenblatt, John H. Krystal, Karl Rickels, Thomas Roth, Carl Salzman, Richard I. Shader, Edward K. Silberman, Nicoletta Sonino, Vladan Starcevic and Steven J. Weintraub: The value of long-term clinical experience with benzodiazepines. International Task Force on Benzodiazepines


Ernst Franzek’s comment on Hector Warnes’ additional comments


        I fully agree with Hector Warner’s comment. The problem is that Benzodiazepines are often prescribed by doctors who are not aware of the guidelines and who do not explain the proper use of these drugs to their patients. Medical schools and Universities also put only little effort on this issue. So, in my opinion it is a lack of education and carelessness of doctors that bring these useful medications in disrepute.


November 7, 2019