I am writing to introduce myself as the person responsible for one of the twelve projects of INHN listed on our website. I will be working with Tom Ban and Sam Gershon to accomplish this project.

The table of contents of this project we are posting today was developed several months ago and we will be in contact with those who tentatively already accepted to contribute a chapter to the text.  Please let us know if you would be interested in contributing any of the chapters listed in the table of contents or a chapter that you think would be suitable for a textbook on the history of the field.

The length of your chapter could be from 2000 to 8000 words. We have no limit on number of references, but request your submissions in English.   

We intend to post chapters on our website as they arrive and they will be open for discussion and comments.

We hope that the scope and quality of the contributions will justify future publication in book form.

We have posted today one chapter (Chapter 2) of the book: “The Birth of Neuropsychopharmacology” by Thomas A. Ban.  

I am excited about this undertaking and looking forward to working with you on this project.


Peter R. Martin

June 6, 2013