I am writing to introduce myself as the person responsible for the project “Biographies” (Project 9) on our website.

Instructions for submitting new material are given below with my e-mail address and phone number. Comments you wish to post on existing material should be submitted to

In “Biographies” we post information on Autobiographies, Memoirs, Biographies, Collected or Selected Writings about a particular scientist’s contributions in the preceding sixty years during the development of neuropsychopharmacology.  Submissions may be made either by the author or a member of INHN to the program coordinator. (Barry Blackwell: blackwellbarry(at) In addition to the author’s own description of their work (see below) they are invited to include a copy of book or text to be available for review by a member of INHN selected by the coordinator or who may volunteer to write one.

The author’s own review should be in two parts; a synopsis of the format and content of the submission as well as a commentary on the contents. An independent reviewer may follow this format or choose their own. There are no specifications about the length of a review which must be submitted as a Word document in Times New Roman, size 12 type, 1.5 spacing and adjusted on the right.

For questions or concerns please communicate with me by e-mail (above) or phone at 414 940 0844. I look forward to hearing from authors and members. Books may be forwarded to me at: 1800 North Prospect Avenue, Apt # 15C, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53202.

Please join me in making “Biographies” a success.

Barry Blackwell.