Now that the INHN website is functional I am writing to introduce myself as the person responsible for one of the twelve tentative projects listed under About INHN -  "Controversies in the History of  Neuropsychopharmacology" (Project 5 – Controversies). I will be working with Tom Ban and Peter Martin to review and edit contributions.

We currently have several tentative offers for topics and we welcome any additional ideas based on your own involvement in or thoughts about past or present controversies in the field. We envisage up to one thousand words that describe the issue either from a protagonist point of view or as a commentary on all the pros and cons. We request submissions in English in a narrative (essay) format with optional references. After an essay is posted the general membership will be invited to respond within four weeks by e-mail (inhn(at) and the editors will select and post the responses shortly thereafter.

We hope that the scope and quality of the contributions will justify future publication in book form.

I will be posting the first topic with this announcement on "A distinguished but controversial career - Jose Manual Rodriguez Delgado".

Stay tuned!

Barry Blackwell

May 30, 2013