I am writing to introduce myself as the person who is responsible for coordinating activities of Project 3: Photo History of Neuropsychopharmacology. Our objective is to collect photos of people who contributed to the development of neuropsychopharmacology, post these photos on our website, and create a photo history of the field.

To be able to achieve our objectives, we are asking you to send us photos of individuals/group of individuals, and/or collection of photos of individuals/group of individuals, who might qualify for posting on the INHN website. The scanned photos and/or collection of photos should be sent directly to me by e-mail attachment: edithserfaty(at)

For each photo you send, please indicate in an accompanying Word file, the  full name of each person on the photo from left to right, row by row, starting in the first row, or clockwise starting with the person an the extreme left of the photo. For each photo, please also indicate the place and time the photo was taken if available; for collection of photos indicate the occasion the photo was taken, e.g., name of conference and the time and place the conference took place.

On the website, individual photos will be posted in alphabetical order under the name of the person on the photo; if more than one person is on photo, under the name of the person at the left of the photo. Collection of photos will be posted in alphabetical order  under the occasion the photos were taken.

The person who submitted the photo or collection of photos to INHN will be identified by name.  

I am looking forward to working with you on this very exciting project.


Edith Serfaty

April 10, 2014