Founders and Distinguished Members


We are inaugurating this new section at INHN in response to an email (below) from Dr. Carlos Hojaij. In this new section we will take Dr. Hojaij’s idea further and highlight the contributions to neuropsychopharmacology by not only our founders, but pioneers in the field and the most active members of INHN as well in recognition of their considerable contributions. Submissions to this section by all INHN members will be gratefully accepted.


Carlos Hojaij Email


Dear Carlos Morra [sic], I hope all is well with you and your family.

I would like to make a suggestion: to have in the INHN a special section entirely dedicated to Tom Ban: some biographic data, letters, photos, CV, publications, special homages, etc. 

I think this would be the minimum we could present recognizing his immense work creating and developing the INHN.


Kindest regards,



December 15, 2022