Email to Carlos Morra from Carlos Hojaij


Dear Carlos,

Few days ago, I was pleased to acknowledge acceptance of my idea opening a special page to Tom Ban. But I immediately felt very disappointed. My suggestion was (as it was mentioned in the site) to have in the INHN a special section entirely dedicated to Tom Ban: some biographic data, letters, photos, CV, publications, special homages, etc. I think this would be the minimum we could present recognizing his immense work creating and developing the INHN.

However, you have decided to "We are inaugurating this new section at INHN in response to an email (below) from Dr. Carlos Hojaij. In this new section we will take Dr. Hojaij’s idea further and highlight the contributions to neuropsychopharmacology by not only our founders, but pioneers in the field and the most active members of INHN as well in recognition of their considerable contributions.” 

I understand your benevolent decision but doing this (which already has been initiated and well done by Tom Ban and others, published in books and in INHN) I suppose all his magnificent work (a true daily life labuta) would be in some ways faded away. 

With due respect to all Neuro-psych historically brilliant contributors and to the good work you are doing to the INHN, I have to insist in my suggestion. I should also go further and say it is our moral duty to have the Tom Ban page, the minimal respect to his indisputable unique legacy and to his person.

Kind regards,



P.S.: I think you may continue with your new section, but at the same time open one just for Tom Ban.

Prof Carlos Hojaij


December 22, 2022