Part IX: Research activities
Thomas A. Ban

INHN‘s research program to be launched will be dedicated to clinical investigations that should have been carried out at an earlier stage in the development of the field. Each project in the program will be designed and supervised from its inception to its termination by a different specially-selected team. The protocol of each study will be posted on the INHN website for exchange and finalised with consideration of the input generated in the interaction and each study will be implemented and carried out at the Morra Sanatorium, in Cordoba, Argentina, under the direction of Carlos Morra, director of our Central Office and of Research at the Sanatorium.

All information in the course of the study will be rendered accessible as collected on the INHN website with progress reports and final report posted for comments and discussion.   

The protocols will be open for adoption to anyone interested and the INHN website will be ready to post progress reports and the final report of these studies provided the collected data in the study are rendered accessible.


Thomas A. Ban

August 11, 2016