Part 10: Programmed operation


         In 2012, some of the editors of the two series on the history of neuropsychopharmacology, one sponsored by the CINP and the other by ACNP, founded an International Network for the History of Neuropsychopharmacology. The original objective of the Network was to preserve and generate educational material related to the history of the field.

      In 2013, the Network became active by launching its website and posting weekly material relevant to the history of the field for comments and discussion. Information on the website was presented in 12 “projects” (Dictionary, Drugs, Photos, Profiles, Controversies, Textbook, Discoveries, Books, Biographies, Perspective, Archives and E-Books), and by 2014, some of these projects grew into programs.   

      In 2016, INHN extended its activities to developing educational programs that would facilitate communication between neuropsychopharmacologists of different generations and educational background and in January 2016, INHN website communication was complemented with the INHN Educational Series. Currently, INHN activities are being further extended with a research program.  

      To facilitate the participation of Network members in INHN activities by the end of 2016, INHN Network Communications will be converted into a programmed operation in which each Network member will be invited individually to contribute to each project with some regularity.  Invitations will be accompanied with an updated, collated document of respective project that will make it possible for new members to participate if interested in the exchange of already established projects.

      Programmed operation will also help to keep each project active until the collated documents are converted into Educational E-Book.


Thomas A. Ban

August 25, 2016