Robert H. Belmaker: Glimpses from the 13th CINP Congress
Psychiatric Topics (Astra) 1982; 3 (5)
Glimpse 5.


Special lecture honors father of lithium therapy. In this “glimpse”a photo of Mogens Schou from Denmark, who delivered the John Cade lecture, is shown on the bottom right; a photo of Professor Arne Geisler from Denmark, who introduced the lecture, is seen in the bottom left; and the photo of John Cade (middle) from Australia with Mogens Schou (left) and Poul Christian Baastrup, asubstantial lithium researcher from Denmark,is seen, in the topright. Schou, in his lecture, characterized Cade as an”artistic researcher” and described him as a “modest man  who contributed little to the avalanche of publications” that followed his discovery. He also pointed out that Cade was a “man of surprises,” who in later years used his time and energy in teaching and clinical work, as well as in what might appear to others as “rather esoteric geographical and zoological interests.”


February 14, 2019