March 2, 2017


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CENTRAL OFFICE 1. Carlos Morra and Ernst Franzek: Psychopathological symptoms ‑  Hoarding (Educational Program). 2. Carlos Morra and Ernst Franzek ‑ Psychopathological symptoms - Snout reflex (Educational Program).

COURSES: Jose de Leon’s response to Donald F. Klein’s response (Jose de Leon: Training psychiatrists to think like pharmacologists. 27. Evidence-based versus personalized medicine). 

PHOTOS:  Alan Frazer, Pete Katz and Raquel Gur. Photo taken at the ACNP 2016 annual meeting (Pete Katz is showing the annual Paul Hoch Distinguished Service Award  received by Martin  M. Katz). Photo received from Nancie Katz (Individual Photos).

BOOKS: Leon S. Morra’s extracts 4. Part One, Chapter One: General Principles. B. From Chemical Synthesis to Clinical Application  (Thomas A. Ban: Psychopharmacology. Williams and Wilkins, 1969).

ARCHIVES: 1. Appendix B. Antipsychotics: A Clinical Update. A Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum for Teachers of Psychiatric Residents by an ad hoc committee of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacolgy (1984) (Glick Collection). 2. Stuart C. Yudofsky, Robert Hales and Jonathan Silver: Traumatic Brain Injury.  2006 Basics (Basic Course).  American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology Model Psychopharmacology Curriculum. Fourth Edition. 2006 (Glick Collection). 3Trudo Lemmens: Promoting pharmaceutical treatment in context of knowledge deficit:  the case of the CINP Task Force jn Depression. (Lemmens Collection).




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