León S. Morra: Where to submit for posting

INHN website activities are centered on interaction in 12 primary programs, each with several projects: (1) Dictionary, (2) Drugs, (3) Photos, (4) Profiles, (5) Controversies, (6) Textbooks, (7) Discoveries, (8) Books, (9) Biographies, (10) Perspective, (11) Archives, (12)  E-books.

Members, who wish to submit original material for any of the 12 programs, comment  on existing postings or reply to comments should send the material by e-mail attachment to the INHN Central Office (e-mail: inhn.org(at)gmail.com) or to Tom Ban (e-mail:tomban@bell.net).

Submissions will be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt and assigned a posting date within a week of receipt.


León S. Morra
March 24, 2016