León S. Morra: Controversies


We would like to invite you to prepare an essay for posting on a controversy in the history of neuropsychopharmacology. If you chose to prepare an essay of a controversy in the past, present it as an overview with its consequences, in terms of the development of the field. If you chose prepare an essay on an ongoing controversy, present it either as an impartial exposition or as an argument in support of one side. To date the following controversies were discussed on INHN’s website (in alphabetical order of authors):

1.      Thomas A. Ban: Conflict of interest in neuropsychopharmacology – Marketing vs. Education.

2.      Thomas A. Ban: Development of our vocabulary.

3.      Pierre Baumann and Francois Ferrero: The imipramine controversy. An official inquiry (1912-2005) of the clinical research activities (1946-1972) of Roland Kuhn.

4.      Barry Blackwell: Adumbration – A history lecture.   

5.      Barry Blackwell: The anxiety enigma.

6.      Barry Blackwell: The lithium controversy – A historical autopsy.

7.      Paul Devenyi: Addictions are not treatable diseases.

8.      Pharmacotherapy of addiction – not a success story.

9.      Samuel Gershon: The trazodone controversy and its potential consequences.

10.  David Healy: The shipwreck of the singular.

11.  Martin M. Katz: Component specific vs. diagnosis-specific trial in depression.

12.  Martin M. Katz: Multivantaged vs. conventional assessment method.

13.  Martin M. Katz: Onset of clinical action of antidepressants.

14.  Martin M. Katz: The need and rational for shortening the clinical trial with antidepressant drugs.  

15.  Shridar Sharma: Insulin coma treatment – Facts and controversies.

16.  Edward Shorter: The Q-T interval and the Mellaril story–a cautionary tale.


León S. Morra

August 11, 2016