León S. Morra: Textbook


We would like to bring to your attention Project 6 -Textbook. Our objective is to create a multi-authored, edited text on the history of neuropsychopharmacology for general use by students, educators, researchers and clinicians. We developed a tentative table of contents (see below with name of authors for chapters already written or underway in parenthesis) and would like to invite you to contribute a chapter to it.


The History of Neurosychopharmacology

Tentative Table of Contents


Preface – Editors

1.     Introduction - Editors

2.     The discovery and development of psychotropic drugs

3.     The birth of neuropsychopharmacology (Thomas A. Ban)

4.     Research in neurophysiology on the effects of psychotropic drugs on the brain   

5.     The development of behavioral pharmacology in the screening for psychotropic


6.     Pharmaco-EEG in the detection of differential psychotropic effects (Max Fink)

7.     The introduction of techniques for measuring CBF and brain metabolism in the

        study of psychotropic drugs

9.     The birth and development of neuropharmacology

10.   Neuropharmacology and psychotropic drug development           

11.   Pharmacokinetic research with psychotropic drugs

12.   Pharmacogenetic research with psychotropic drugs

13.   Introduction and development of clinical trial methodology   

14.   Pharmacotherapy and the diagnosis and classification of psychiatric disorders

15.  The story of pharmacotherapy with psychotropic drugs

16.  Model psychoses from mescaline to phencyclidine

17.  The story of endogenous psychotogens - (Alan Baumeister)

18.  Neuropsychopharmacology: testing of neuropharmacological hypotheses – (Samuel


19. Psychopathology and psychiatric nosology in neuropsychopharmacology research –

       (Thomas Ban)  

20.  Development of pharmacotherapy in child psychiatry

21.  Development of pharmacotherapy in geriatric psychiatry

22.  Neuropsychopharmacology and endocrine psychiatry (Edward Shorter)

23.  A history of pharmacological (addiction) psychiatry (Peter Martin)

Fifty years neuropsychopharmacology - Editors


León S. Morra

August 25, 2016