León S. Morra: Specifications for Curriculum Vitae and Biographic Sketch


To ascertain that information on our members is available on our Website, please send me your Curriculum Vitae. To qualify for posting, it must be a factual presentation of events in your life with dates, written in English and submitted as a WORD Document.  In terms of the information covered and organization of the information covered, we are flexible, but recommend to include information on place (city and country) and year of your birth, family status, place of current residence (city and country), education, professional experience (academic and administrative) and awards/honors.

In the case of a narrative presentation, the document will remain acceptable as a Biographic Sketch.

Upon receipt, regardless whether CV or Biographic Sketch, the document will be posted in your Collection in Archives on the INHN Website and your name will be entered on the List of Members with Curriculum Vitae and/or Biographic Sketch available. You can find this List posted under Administrative Unit on the Website.


León S. Morra

May 5, 2016