León S. Morra: Photos


To ascertain that a photo of our members is accessible on our website, please send us your photo, if you have not sent it as yet. In addition, we would be happy to post any other photo of you alone or with your peers in the field. 

If you don’t have access to a scanner, please send photos as they are. We will scan and return them to you after.

Each photo you are sending for posting should be accompanied by a separate legend (subscript) in which each person in the picture is designated with his/her full name from left to right. In addition, the information on the legend need to include the place and the year the photo was taken. Please indicate also in the legend by name the person who should be acknowledged for receipt of photo.


Leonard Cook. Photo taken in 1991 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA. Photo received from Leonard Cook.

From left to right: Antonio Pacheco Palha, Carlos Hojaij, Gill Moore and Claudio Garcia Barriga. Photo taken in Sao Paulo, in 1995. Photo received from Carlos Hojaij.


To date we have individual photos from the following INHN members: Leonard Cook, Joseph Knoll, Julian Mendlewitz, Driss Moussaoui, Herman van Praag, Robert Smith, Stephen Szara and Ervin Varga.


León S. Morra

April 21, 2016