Specifications for preparing submissions for postings: General

To achieve uniformity of postings on INHN website please prepare all submissions, including essays, comments, replies, vignettes, etc. as a Word DOCUMENT, with regular letter size pages and page number indicated in the right upper corner.

Title & author

Full name of author(s) followed by title of text in bold centered. Use Times New Roman letters 14 font size.


Use Times New Roman letters, 12 font size with 1” margin on left, text fully justified, and 1.5 spaces between lines.

Start each paragraph 5 spaces indented, subheadings on left side of text with regular letters in italics, and sub-subheadings same but with 12 spaces indented.

Insert references in parenthesis after each sentence by author(s) surname and year of publication in alphabetical order with semicolon between each reference by a different author.

All references included in parentheses in text are listed in alphabetical order under the heading REFERENCES following text with 12 font size letters with a 1.0 space between lines in a reference and 1.5 space between each references.

See prototypes below:

Ban TA. Psychopharmacology for the Aged. Basel: Karger; 1980. pp. 42-7.

Delay J. Intervention à propos de la terminologie et la classification des médicaments psychiatriques.  In: Kline NS, editor. Neuropsychopharmacology Frontiers. New York: Little Brown; 1959, pp. 426-9.  

Katz MM, Houston JP, Brannan S, Bowden CL, Berman N, Swann A, Frazer A. A multivantaged behavioral method for measuring onset and sequence of the clinical actions of antidepressants. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology 2004; 7: 471-9.


León S. Morra
February 25, 2016