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Reid Finlayson (List of Publications)



Articles in Refereed Journals

1.            McFarlane, R.M., Laird, J.J., Lamon R., Finlayson, A.J.R. and Johnson, R. Evaluation of Dextran and D.M.S.O. to Prevent Necrosis in Experimental Pedicle Flaps. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 40(1): 64 70, 1968.  Citations:  10.

2.            Finlayson, A.J.R., Bartolucci, G., Streiner, D.L. Deployment Supervision and Decision Making of Residents in an Emergency Psychiatric Service. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 24: 207 211, 1979.  Citations:  5.

3.            Finlayson, A.J.R., Greenland, C., Dawson, D., Blum, H., Pittman, G. Chronic Psychiatric Patients in the Community. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 28: 635 639, December 1983.  Citations:  4.

4.            Finlayson, R., Vieweg, W.V.R., Wilkey, W.D., Cooper, A.J. Hyponatremic Seizure Following ECT.  Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 34: 463-464, June 1989.  Citations:  7.

5.            Cooper, A.J., Finlayson, R., Varadaraj, R., Magnus, R.V. Effects of ECT on Prolactin, LH, FSH and Testosterone in Males with Major Depressive Illness. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 34: 814-817, November 1989.  Citations:  7.

6.            Finlayson, R., Perez, E.L. Sessional Funding - Compensating Psychiatrists for Indirect Services in Ontario General Hospitals. Administration and Policy in Mental Health. 20(5): 369 377, May 1993.  Citations:  0.

7.            Jones, B., Purdon, S., Labelle, A., Finlayson, R. Case Report: Dramatic Improvement of Negative Symptoms in Schizophrenia with Risperidone, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 39: 381,1994. Citations:  4.

8.            Finlayson, R., Schneider, J., Wan, M., Irons, R. and Sealy, J. Sexual Addiction Portrayed in Cinema. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 6:151-159, Brunner/Mazel, 1999.  Citations:  1.

9.            Wan, M., Finlayson, R., Rowles, A. Sexual Dependency Treatment Outcome Study. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 7:177-196, Brunner/Mazel, 2000.  Citations:  3.

10.          Finlayson, R., Sealy, J., Martin, P.R.  The Differential Diagnosis of Problematic Hypersexuality. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 8:241-251, ©Brunner/Routledge, 2001.  Citations:  7.


Articles in Refereed Journals Continued

11.          Swiggart, W., Starr, K., Finlayson, R., Spickard, Jr., A.  Sexual Boundaries and Physicians: Overview and Educational Approach to the Problem. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, ©Brunner/Routledge, 2003.  Citations:  5.

12.          Roback, H., Strassberg, D., Iannelli, R., Finlayson, A.J.R., Blanco, M., Neufeld, R.  Problematic Physicians:  A Comparison of Personality Profiles by Offence Type, Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 52:  315-322, May, 2007.  Citations:  6.

13.          Reich, M.S., Dietrich, M.S., Finlayson, A.J.R., Fischer, E.F., Martin, P.R.  Coffee and Cigarette Consumption and Perceived Effects in Recovering Alcoholics Participating in Alcoholics Anonymous in Nashville, TN, Alcoholism Clinical and Experimental Research, 32(10):  1799-1806, October, 2008.  Citations:  5.

14.          A plan for identification, treatment, and remediation of disruptive behaviors in physicians.  Swiggart WH, Dewey CM, Hickson GB, Finlayson AJ, Spickard WA Jr.  Frontiers of Health Services Management, 25(4):3-11 Summer, 2009.  Citations: 4.

15.          Samenow, Charles P., Finlayson, A.J.Reid A Psychiatrist’s Approach to a Case of Problematic Sexual Behavior, Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity, 17:3, 173-184;, ©Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, August, 2010.  Citations:  1.  URL:

16.          Martin, Peter R., Finlayson, A.J.Reid (Invited Editorial) Pharmacopsychosocial Treatment of Opioid Dependence: Harm Reduction, Palliation, or Simply Good Medical Practice?  Düşünen Adam The Journal of Psychiatry and Neurological Sciences, Volume 25, Number 1, March 2012.

17.          Ferri, M., Finlayson, Alistair J. Reid, Wang, L., Martin, P., Predictive Factors for Relapse in Patients on Buprenorphine Maintenance, American Journal on Addictions, Online, June 10, 2013.

18.          Finlayson A.J.R., et al, Restoring professionalism: the physician fitness-for-duty evaluation, Gen Hosp Psychiatry, Online (June, 2013), ,

19.          Iannelli RJ, Finlayson AJR, Brown KP, Neufeld R, Gray R, Dietrich MS, Martin PR. Suicidal Behavior among Physicians referred for Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation. Gen Hosp Psychiatry 609772_cit.cit, NIMHS609772 June 2014.

20.          Finlayson AJR, Brown KP, Iannelli RJ, Neufeld R, Shull K, Martin PR. Professional Sexual Misconduct: The Role of Polygraph in Independent Comprehensive Evaluation. Submitted to The Journal of Medical Regulation February 2015

21.          Martin PR, Finlayson AJR. Opioid Use Disorder during Pregnancy in Tennessee: Expediency vs. Science (Invited Perspective) In press The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse March 2015 Taylor and Francis



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