Carlos Morra´s reply to Bernard Carroll

Carlos Morra and Ernst Franzek: Psychopathological Symptoms
Veraguth's fold

I certainly agree with Dr Carrol´s point, the description of the sign, presented by McDaniel in his paper, is almost the same as the first English translation of the description made in German by Veraguth in 1911. “Folds running from near the palpebral fissure medially upward toward the medial corner of the eyebrow.” I really appreciate Dr. Carrol´s contribution, it will help us to reach a more comprehensible definition.

McDaniel WW, Brar B, Srirama M, Shaikh S, Kaur A. Prevalence of Veraguth's eyelid folds during depression in different ethnic groups. J Nerv Ment Dis. 2004; 192:705-7.

Veraguth O. Die klinische untersuchung Nervenkranker. Wiesbaden; JF Bergman: 1911.

June 8, 2017