Ernst Franzek’s comment

Carlos Morra and Ernst Franzek: Psychopathological Symptoms - Porropsia


         “Porropsia” is also described in the literature as a type of dysmetropsia. It may present as an isolated symptom or as part of a cluster of symptoms known as the “Alice in Wonderland syndrome” (Vujic and Ristic 1939).  Karl Heilbronner (1869-1914) considered “porropsia” an “entoptic phenomenon.” Its occurrence in the context of  “aura” in epilepsy indicates that it is equally possible that “porropsia” has a central origin (Vujic and Ristic 1939). Today the concept of “porropsia” seems to be assimilated by the concept of "teleopsia," a visual distortion in which objects appear to be further away than they are. Although the two phenomena are not identical, the terms “porropsia” and “teleopsia” are sometimes used as if they were synonyms.




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August 24, 2017