Thomas A. Ban
Neuropsychopharmacology in Historical Perspective.

Lehmann Collection 1


Bruno Müller-Oerlinghausen’s comment on

Charles E. Cahn’s interview of Heinz E. Lehmann


        This is a wonderful and illuminating interview with Prof.  Lehmann whom I have always admired and adored in the past for his profound empathy to our patients and his clear, critical thoughts on the “ progresses”   in modern psychiatry. The way I myself had to go until I ended up in psychiatry and clinical psychopharmacology shows interesting interfaces with the one he describes in terms of his own professional and personal development. Also, in my case Karl Jaspers was the  person who finally convinced me to start medical training, leaving chemistry and academic  experimental psychology behind. There is one  “follower” of Jaspers, i.e., the psychiatrist and philosopher Prof. Thomas Fuchs at the university of Heidelberg, who in our time and here in Germany appears to be  able and willing to think and act in categories close to those which define the thoughts of Heinz Lehmann and his outlook and hopes for an  upcoming new  psychiatric practice.

        Thank you for giving me the chance to read this interview.


September 3, 2020