Thomas A. Ban
Neuropsychopharmacology in Historical Perspective

Psychopharmacology and the Classification of Functional Psychoses


Preface (circa 1985) and Recommended Reading


Preface (circa 1985)


       This    monograph   is   based   on   the   contention that psychopathology-based diagnoses derived by psychiatric nosology are essential prerequisites for interpretable findings of research in mental illness and for progress in their treatment.    

       In this monograph diagnoses which fulfill these requirements are proposed for a group of psychiatric illnesses that was traditionally referred to as “functional psychoses.”

       To present the information in historical perspective, contributions from Henri Baruk, Gaetan de Clerambault, Karl Jaspers, Karl Kahlbaum, Karl Kleist, Emil Kraepelin, Valentim Magnan, Kurt Schneider, Eric Strömgren, Carl Wernicke, August Wimmer and many others were considered.  Yet, central to this monograph is Karl Leonhard’s Classification of Endogenous Psychoses, published first in 1957, as it was the first classification which seemed to provide some pharmacologically sufficiently homogeneous populations of mental illness that fulfill the clinical prerequisite of neuropsychopharmacological research.

       In the preparation of different sections in this monograph publications by Peter Berner, Samuel Guze, Frank Fish, Max Hamilton, Hanfried Helmchen, Assen Jablensky, Pierre Pichot, Eli Robins, Norman Sartorius, Robert Spitzer and John Wing were helpful. The accuracy of some of the information presented was improved through personal communications with Carlo Perris and George Winokur.

       I am grateful to William Guy, Jean-Francois Dreyfus, Michael Ebert, Jan Hoenig and  Heinz Edgar Lehmann for their recommendations to improve text and would like to express my appreciation to Marc Hollender for reading and commenting on the manuscript in various stages of its development.

       I am thankful to Mrs. Mildred Harrington for her secretarial assistance for typing and retyping the text in various stages of its development.


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