Comment 8 - by Donal F. Klein

Does Katz accept that the rheostat model that he uses is oversimplified? If so, how does that impact his predictive statements regarding outcome?

Perhaps the most striking feature of the book is the claim that the usual clinical trial is far too long. Katz states that trials of 2 1/2 weeks would be as accurate and certainly much less expensive, and more practical, than the standard six weeks. He states (page 56), “a significant change in one dimension which occurs within the first week to 10 days is highly predictive of full response to a six-week treatment route with that drug". I do not think that can be accurate.

Marty Katz, in his response to my reply to Dr. Carlos Morra’s comment, posted some relevant data to this concern. (See Martin M. Katz’s response to Donald F. Klein’s reply to Carlos Morra’s comment in Martin M. Katz’s Onset of Antidepressant Effect. INHN Controversies October 15, 2015).


Donald F. Klein
February 4, 2016