Reid Finlayson: A Life on Lithium and Lessons Learned.


Reid Finlayson’s reply to Peter Martin’s comment


       I met Peter Martin through research meetings on process addictions at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. We shared similar backgrounds including our European births, Canadian educations and interests in how compulsive sexual behavior, like pathological gambling, resembled substance use disorders.  Funding had ceased for the program I was involved with at The Homewood, McMaster University, and Peter invited me to join the Vanderbilt faculty. His support and willingness to collaborate resulted in a productive relationship and eventually a close friendship.

       Peter facilitated my immigration and relocation to Tennessee. He arranged for me a special “O” type Visa that led American Immigration officers to often inquire about the reason for my desirable status. His wife, Barbara supported me when I raised my hand to bid on a house purchase.

       I was welcomed into Peter’s research group and we began collaborating and published together on sexual behavior (Finlayson, Sealy and Martin 2001), substance use disorders (Martin and Finlayson 2012) and on the Comprehensive Assessment Program for professionals (Finlayson, Dietrich, Neufeld et al. 2013), an interest from Canada that he encouraged me to continue. Peter’s research expertise and encouraging mentorship underpinned my clinical and academic growth at Vanderbilt and our friendship extends to tennis together. 



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August 26, 2021