Barry Blackwell: Ervin Varga: Family, Culture, Persona and Career.

Barry Blackwell’s reply to Joseph Knoll’s comment

Thank you, Joseph, for your generous comments and added information concerning Ervin Varga’s biography. Your remarks concerning the history of anti-Semitism in Hungary and early work in collaboration with your contemporary colleague Ervin on the MAO Inhibitors were informative and confirmatory.

       In addition, your detailed account of groundbreaking pioneer work on selegiline (DEP) an MAOI “type B”, including the work of others over almost half a century is a fascinating synopsis of innovative findings at the bench, animal and mammalian level. In particular, the enhancer regulation effect on catecholaminergic and serotonergic systems (independent of MAOI-B inhibition) resulting in a unique ability to prolong and improve the quality of adult mammalian life is not widely known or appreciated. Its application and relevance to human ageing will be eagerly awaited.

Barry Blackwell

July 7, 2016