Dahlem Workshop (1982)

In alphabetical order: Hans Agren, Arvid Carlsson, Rex Cowdry, Alexandra Delini-Stula, Hinderk Emrich, Albert Herz, Wolfgang Kehr, Jerzey Maj, Donald Klein, Bill Potter, Torgny Svensson.  Photo taken in Berlin, Germany, in 1982. Photo received for posting separately from Bernard Carroll, Donald F. Klein and Eugene Paykel. This photo is from the Dahlem Workshop held in Berlin, Germany from October 31 to November 5, 1982. The proceedings of this workshop were edited by Angst J, Carlsson A, Carroll BJ, Helmchen H, Herz A, Klerman GI and McKinney WT and published as Origins of Depression: Current Concepts and Approaches (with the inclusion of this photo) in Life Sciences Research Report, Volume 26, Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1983.



Bernard Carroll
Donald F. Klein
Eugene S. Paykel


January 14, 2016