Thomas: A Ban: In historical perspective. Peralta, Cuesta and their associates’ findings on the highest familiality of Leonhard’s classification in polynosologic study

 Thomas A. Ban’s reply to Ernst Franzek’s comment


Would it be correct to say that the findings in your study with Beckmann and Fritze, reported in 1992, are in keeping with the findings of Fish (1964), and your findings with Beckmann, reported in 1992 and 1998, are in keeping with the findings of Peralta and his associates (2015)? It was Fish first, in 1964, who reported on differential responsiveness to neuroleptics in the different forms and sub-forms of schizophrenia in Karl Leonhard’s (1957|) classification, and it was Peralta and his associates first, in 2015, who reported that the differences in “familiality” in the different forms and sub-forms of “psychosis” in Leonhard’s (1957) classification are greater than the differences in ”familiality” in the different forms and sub-forms  of ”psychosis” in the classifications of the World Health Organization (1992) and the American Psychiatric Association (1980).



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Thomas A. Ban

June 30, 2016