Thomas: A Ban: In historical perspective. Peralta, Cuesta and their associates’ findings on the highest familiality of Leonhard’s classification in polynosologic study

Ernst Franzek’s response to Thomas A. Ban’s reply


            It is right that our study on the effect of neuroleptics confirm Fish´s earlier findings. We even could state that in one subtype of the unsystematic schizophrenias, affect-laden paraphrenia, the improvement of the psychopathology was striking and highly significant.

            Peralta´s finding of high familiality in the systematic forms of schizophrenia according to Leonhard´s classification, however, remains a mystery. All other modern studies on familial loading based on Leonhard´s classification showed a very high familial loading in the unsystematic schizophrenias and a very low familial loading in the systematic schizophrenic types (Beckmann and Franzek 1992, 1996; Franzek and Beckmann 1992a,1992b, 1998; Stober, Beckmann, Franzek and Schmidtke 1992; Stober, Saar, Ruschendorf et al 2000). May be there is a misunderstanding in the diagnostic procedure?



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Ernst Franzek

September 8, 2016