Thomas A. Ban: In Historical Perspective: Peralta, Cuesta and their associate findings on the highest familiality of Leonhard’s classification in polynosologic study


Thomas A. Ban’s response to Victor Peralta’s answer to his questions

            Thank you for answering the questions raised in the course of this exchange. I think your response satisfactorily explains the difference in findings, in terms of “familiality,” in your study and in studies carried out by Leonhard and some of his followers.  

            Thank you also for providing further substantiation of the early findings of Christian Astrup and Frank Fish on the differential responsiveness to antipsychotic drugs in the “unsystematic” and “systematic schizophrenias.”

            Since the 1960s a steadily accumulating body of information (including yours) indicate that the genetic and pharmacological heterogeneity within the diagnoses of endogenous psychoses derived by Kraepelin’s nosology can be reduced by using diagnoses derived by Leonhard’s nosology. Would you agree that time has come to introduce these diagnoses in genetic and psychopharmacological, research, especially as it seems that diagnoses derived by Leonhard’s nosology provide also genetically and pharmacologically more homogeneous populations than the consensus-based diagnoses in use?

Thomas A. Ban

January 12, 2017