Robert H. Belmaker: Glimpses from the 13th CINP Congress
Psychiatric Topics (Astra) 1982; 3 (5)

Glimpse 4.


In this “glimpse” the photo on the top left shows S.A. Checkley (center) from the UK explaining his poster to N. Sitaram (left) and J. Siever from the USA; below (left) Robert H. Belmaker, chairman of the Local Organizing Committee, answers questions to delegates before the Information booth; in the center Eva Johnstone from the UK studies the program of the Congress in front of her poster; on the top right A.A. Randrup (left) from Denmark shows his poster to M.S. Tropper from Israel; and in the below right photo Janet McWilliams (left) from the UK and P. Simon (seated) from France study the poster of P. Boyer (right) from France.

January 3, 2019