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Laszlo J.Meduna

By Antonio Nardi


Lászlo Meduna was born on March 27, 1896, in Budapest, Hungary, and received his MD, in 1921, from the Medical Faculty of Pázmány Péter University.  Subsequently, in 1922, he joined Károly Schaffer, a psychiatrist and neurohistologist, in his Interacademic Institute for Brain Research in Budapest. After Schaffer’s appointment, in 1927, as professor (chair) of the Department of Psychiatry at the University, he became a member of his faculty (Shorter and Healy 2007).

Meduna began research in histopathology in the mid-1920s. While studying microglia cells in the rabbit, he found disease dependent differential changes, i.e., atrophy, in some diseases and swelling in others (Meduna 1927). Extending his research to autopsied material from psychiatric patients, in the early 1930s, he noted a marked decrease of microglia cells in the brains of patients with schizophrenia and a marked increase in patients with epilepsy (Fink 1985; Meduna 1932). Considering the findings of Nyirö and Jablonsky (1929) that the incidence of seizures decreased in those epileptics who developed schizophrenia, the observations of Glaus (1931) that schizophrenic psychopathology was transiently alleviated in schizophrenic patients with epilepsy, and the report of  Müller (1930) that two patients with schizophrenia “recovered” when they developed epilepsy, Meduna, in 1934, introduced pharmacologically-induced convulsions in the treatment of schizophrenia, with camphor first, then with pentylenetetrazol (Meduna 1935, 1937). In the late 1930s, Meduna emigrated from Hungary to the United States (Kuncz 1993). He became professor of Neurology, at Loyola University and became settled for the rest of his life at the Illinois Psychiatric Institute. In the mid - 1940s, he coined the term “oneirophrenia” for a small group of “atypical psychoses” conventionally diagnosed as schizophrenia (Meduna and McCullogh 1945, 1946) and,  in the late 1940s, he introduced carbon dioxide therapy, a “pharmacodynamic treatment of psychoneuroses” (Meduna 1947, 1948). In 1950, he published a monograph on both, with the title: Oneirophrenia and Carbon Dioxide Therapy (Meduna 1950). In 1958, Meduna became founding editor of the journal International Neuropsychiatry. Finally, in 1959, Meduna in collaboration with Abood, was one of the first to explore Ditran (1-ethyl-3 piperidyl cyclopentylphenylglycolate), an anticholinergic substance with atropine-like actions, in the treatment of depression (Meduna and  Abood 1959).       

Meduna died in Chicago on November 30, 1964, at age 68.

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Antonio E. Nardi

November 27, 2014