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Capsules: History of Psychopharmacology was developed by Thomas A. Ban, in the early years of the 21st century.
Capsules 1 to 3
are: 1. Pharmacotherapy in psychiatry in the 19th century; 2. Organic Chemistry and the Birth of the Pharmaceutical Industry; and 3. Neuropharmacology: Structural Basis and Conceptual Framework.

Capsules 4 to 6 are: 4. Development of the diagnostic concept of dementia praecox and early pharmacological treatments of schizophrenia; 4. Model psychosis and exogenous psychosis; 4. Barbiturates and sleep therapy. 

Capsules 7 to 9 are: 7. Neurochemistry and neuronal transmission: Early development; 8. Drug regulation in the USA; 9. Pharmacologically induced fever.

Capsules 10 to 13 are: 10. Definition and scope of psychopharmacology; 11. Pharmacological interventions and treatments in psychiatry introduced in the 1930s; 12. Causal treatments introduced in the 1930s and their effect on the diagnostic distribution of psychiatric population; 13. From the Nuremberg Code to the Helsinki Declaration.

Capsules 14 to 16 are: 14. Introduction of the first set of psychotropic drugs; 15. Psychiatry in the 1950s; 16. Synthesis of iproniazid and the recognition of its monoamine oxidase inhibiting and euphorizing effect. 

Capsule 17 is: The adrenochome hypothesis of schizophrenia and treatment with nicotinic acid. 

Capsule 18 is: Introduction of chlorpromazine in psychiatry. 

Capsule 19 is: The spectrophotofluorimeter and early spectrophotofluorimetric finding with reserpine and iproniazid. 

Capsule 20 is: Sedative versus incisive neuroleptics: therapeutic implications.

Capsule 21 is: Therapeutic profile of neuroleptics in schizophrenia.

Capsule 22 is: Thioridazine: Cardiac conductance changes.

Capsule 23 is: Demonstration of the therapeutic efficacy of phenothiazines in schizophrenia and the differentiation of the therapeutic effects of neuroleptics from non-specific factors.