Barry Blackwell: Ervin Varga - Family, Culture, Persona and Career

Barry Blackwell’s reply to Robert Balazs’ comment


       I am deeply grateful to Robert Balazs for his affirmative response to Ervin Varga’s biography as it is based on a lifetime acquaintance of the man and his accomplishments in the face of existential events that would have overwhelmed a less resolute and talented human being. As Robert perceives, it was difficult for Ervin to overcome his upbringing, innate modesty and humility in sharing his story with a relative stranger in ways that would be made public. In doing so, he has set an example of courage and persistence derived from core values that provide a permanent record that may inspire young neuroscientists to confront and overcome problems of their own in like manner. That is what history teaches.  


Barry Blackwell

July 14, 2016