Thomas: A Ban: In historical perspective. Peralta, Cuesta and their associates’ findings on the highest familiality of Leonhard’s classification in polynosologic study

Thomas A. Ban’s response to Ernst Franzek’s response to Ban’s reply to Franzek’s comment


            Marcelo Cetkovich in his comment noted the same as you did that in terms of familiality Peralta and his associates’ findings in the “systematic schizophenias”, “unsystematic schizophrenias” and in “cycloid psychoses” are in variance with the findings of Leonhard himself and of some others.

We already asked Peralta whether he has any idea where the discrepancy comes from and we should be receiving an answer from him soon. We will also be able to determine whether he used the conventional criteria for diagnosing within Leonhard’s classification. Yet, regardless, the fact remains that by assigning patients to sub-populations on the basis of the criteria he used, he found more familiality in the population than by diagnosing patients on the basis of the DSM-IV or ICD-10 criteria.


Thomas A. Ban

September 15, 2016