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Professor Shridhar Sharma
M.D., F.R.C. Psy (Lond.), D.P.M., FRANZCP (Australia), F.A.M.S.





1.         Psychosomatic Medicine in General Practice (English edition), MBD, New Delhi, 1999 – Editor

2.         Law, Ethics and Psychiatry. Edited. Ministry of Health & WHO, IHBAS, New Delhi, 1999

3.         Behavioral and Social Research on Injection Drug Abuse & HIV. Prevention ‘Indo-USA Symposium,’ New Delhi, 1997

4.         Essential Psychiatry- Interprint, New Delhi, 1998

5.         Mental Hospitals in India, IHBAS, New Delhi, 1996

6.         Quality of Working Environment and its impact on Health and Behavior of Agricultural Scientists, IHBAS, New Delhi, 1994

7.         Mental Hospitals in India, D.G.H.S., New Delhi, 1989

8.         Psychiatry in Primary Health Care, C.I.P Ranchi, 1986

9.         Rural Mental Health (Ed.) – Indian Psychiatric Society – PANAJI, 1976

10.     Psychiatry in Relation to General Practice, I.P.S., GMC, Panaji, 1971

11.     Community Psychiatry (Ed.)- M.S. Univ., BARODA, 1968



Major Project Reports related to Institute Development in India-


1.      Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behaviour, Goa, 1981- Govt. of Goa

2.      Central  Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, 1982- under Govt. of India

3.      Indira Gandhi Post-Graduate Institute (AIIMS) in North East at Shillong, 1992, under Ministry of Health, Government of India

4.      B.P. Koirala Medical Sciences, Dharan, Nepal – set up under Indo-Nepal agreement, 1992

5.      Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences, Delhi - Govt. of NCT of Delhi, 1993

6.      LGB Institute of Mental Health, Tezpur, 2000, under Government of India



Chapters to books/ monographs-


1.                  (2014)        Self Identity and Culture in Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Consciousness and the Self. Edited by Sangeetha Menon, Anindya Sinha and B.V. Sreekantan. Published by Springer, New Delhi. Heidelberg, 2014, page 117-126.

2.                  (2013)        Understanding the Relationship between Religiousness, Spirituality and Positive Psychology in Spirituality and Positive Psychology (2013) Editor Nilanjana Sanyal, Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture, page 121-140.

3.                  (2013)        Foreword to book on “Positive Psychotherapy in Psychosomatic Medicine” by Nossrat Peseschkian by Print City, Germany, 2013.

4.                  (2011)        Understanding the Meaning of Spirituality in New Facets of Positivism. MacMillan Publishers, India, Delhi Edited by Ashok Chauhan & S.S. Nathawat, page 48-57

5.                  (2004)        Reminiscences and Reflections on the Growth of Psychopharmacology in India in “The History of Psychopharmacology and the CVINP Animula Publishing House, Buda Pest, Hungary

6.                  (2003)        Sleep Disorders in API Text Book of Medicine, 7th Edition, page791-796.

7.                  (1999)        Sleep Disorder in API Text Book of Medicine, 6th Association of Physician of India

8.                  (1996)        Medical Education in India. In medical education in South-East Asia, WHO-SEARO,  New Delhi

9.                  (1995)        Mental Health Service Systems in developing World of Social Psychiatry in Paris, March 95.

10.              (1994)        Human Rights and Mental Illness in proceeding of the World Congress on Penitentiary Health care and Treatment of Offenders, Tokyo.

11.              (1994)        The Need to Promote Communication between Legal and Mental Health Systems in proceeding of the World Congress on Penitentiary Health Care and Treatment of Offenders, Tokyo.

12.              (1994)        Screening and Measuring Degree of Psychological stress in Antarctica in Proceeding of Selected Papers of IX World congress of Psychiatry.  Edited by Beigal, Allan, Tuscon.  U.S.A.

13.              (1994)        Urban Violence in India in Proceedings of Selected Papers of IX World Congress of Psychiatry.  Edited by Beigal, Allan, Tuscon.  U.S.A.

14.              (1994)        History & Development of Mental Health Services in India, in International Mental & Behavioral Health edited Eisenberg Leo, etc.  Harvard Medical School, Boston., U.S.A. (A status paper).

15.              (1994)        Medical Education in India, Sharma S & Kacker S.K. in An International Hand Book on Medical Education, Green Book Publishing  Group Westport. Chicago.

16.              (1993)        Mental Health and quality of Life, in Science and quality of Life, edited S.Z. QASIM, Indian Science Congress, Calcutta.

17.              (1993)        Changing scene of Mental Health Service Systems & Practices in Proceeding of International Symposium on the new perspectives of Community Based Mental Health Services, TOKYO.

18.              (1992)        National Drug Dependence Control Programme in India – In Facets of Substance Abuse in India, An Update, Edited Kumar, K.A. Trivandrum.

19.              (1992)        Psychosocial Environment and Related Problems, in Social Psychiatry in the Late Twentieth Century, LEGAS, WASHINGTON. Edited by Sorel, Eliot.

20.              (1992)        India: Psychiatry, Spirituality and Politics, in Social Psychiatry & World Accords.  Editor: Masserman J.H. Int.  University Press, Madison U.S.A.

21.              (1990)        The Envious Lover in Therapeutic Wars -  Contention and Convergence      in Clinical Cases, edited by Nolman Saltzman, John Norcross, Bruner & Mazel, New York.

22.              (1989)        Violence - A Manifestation of Social Pathology: In Self image, Identity and Nationality.  Inst. of Adv.  Studies, Shimla.

23.              (1989)        Health Aspects    and Problems of Coastal Zone.  In Coastal Zone Management in India.  Eds., Dwivedi, S.N. Bhatt, V. S. and Chaturvedi, P Ind.  Asso. for Advancement of Science, N. Delhi.

24.              (1988)        Health Aspects of Island Development.  In Island Development - Technology Options.  Eds.  Dwivedi, S. N. and Chaturvedi, P., Ind.  Asto. for Advancement of Science, New Delhi.

25.              (1987)        The Indian Perspective on Depression.  In: Affective Disorders - Recent Research and Related Developments Eds.  Channabasavanna, S. M. & Saleem A.Shah, NIMHANS Bangalore.

26.              (1984)        Organizing Mental Health Services in India.  In: Psychiatry in India.  Eds.  Alan De Sousa and D. A. De Sousa, McGraw Hill publication, Bombay.

27.              (1981)        Alcoholism.  In: Text Book of Psychiatry.  Ministry of Education, Government of India, (Hindi).

28.              (1980)        Personality Disorders: In: Textbook of Medicine, Association of Physicians of India, 3rd Ed.  Bombay

29.              (1980)        A Prospective Study of Suicide prone and Attempted Suicides in Goa.  In: Depressive Illness. Eds. A Venkoba Rao and S Parvath Devi, Madurai.

30.              (1979)        Abba de Faria Founder of Hypnosis.  In: Hypnosis 79 Elsevier, Amsterdam.


Research Papers Published in Scientific Journals-


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2.                  Sharma SD. (1962) Medical Education in India, Intermedica, IV (1) 11, London.

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104.          Sharma S. Abba de Faria - The first to explain Hypnotism. International Journal for Transformation of Consciousness, Feb. 15, 2014.


NOTE: Research papers published in the field of Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, Psychosomatic medicine, Medical Education Social Psychiatry and Ocean psychiatry, Agricultural Sciences etc published in the various International and National Scientific- Journals in the field.


Shridhar Sharma

April 21, 2016