Robert H. Belmaker: Glimpses from the 13th CINP Congress
Psychiatric Topics (Astra) 1982; 3 (5)

Glimpse 2
Some of the delegates and active participants.


In this “glimpse” photos of a few of the 2,028 participants, delegates of the Congress from 38 countries are shown. In the bottom row on the left, Thomas Chase from the USA is shown with G.U. Corsini from Italy; in the middle, David Grahame - Smith from the UK with Max Fink, from the USA; and on the right, Peter Morozov from the USSR with Jaime Smolovich from Argentina. In the middle row from left to right there are the photos of Annette Gjerris from Denmark, Ian Hindmarch from England, Brian Leonard from Irealand, Elliot Gershon from the USA with Gerald Klerman both from the USA, and Salomon Langer, from France. In the top row on the left, J.J.P.Heykants from Belgium is shown with Grahame Burrows from Autstralia while chairing session on The Role of Pharmacokinetics in Psychiatric Practice. In the right upper corner of the photo the Jerusalem Hilton Hotel with the Binyavei Ha’ooma Convention Center is seen, the site of the 13th International CINP Congress in 1982.


December 20, 2018