Robert H. Belmaker: Glimpses from the 13th CINP Congress
Psychiatric Topics (Astra) 1982; 3 (5)

Glimpse 1.
Leading Investigators Discuss Research on Biological Markers.


In this “glimpse” overall information on the 13th CINP Congress is presented. The Congress was held June 20-25, 1982, in Jerusalem at the Binyavei Ha’ooma Convention Center and the Jerusalem Hilton Hotel. It was attended by 2,028 active participants representing 35 countries. A total of 440 oral presentations in nearly 40 sessions and 479 distributed posters were discussed (Janssen 1996). The glimpse includes a photo of Robert H. Belmaker, chairman of the local organizing committee, and Paul Janssen, President of CINP (1980 -1982) and of the Congress, speaking at the Opening Ceremony.



Janssen P. The 13th Congress – Jerusalem 1982. In: Ban TA, Ray OS, editors. A History of the CINP. Brentwood: J.M. Production; 1996, p.52-6.


December 13, 2018