Jay D. Amsterdam: The Paroxetine 352 Bipolar Study Ethical Conduct


Barry Blackwell’s comment on Mark Kramer’s comment


       I share Mark’s kindly admiration for Jay’s detailed documentation of overt, even blatant, corruption in the pharmaceutical industry abetted by well-known credentialled, once respected, academic psychopharmacologists, now also overlooked or ignored by professional organizations at the highest level of professional and national accountability.

        I also share Mark’s end of career frustration and tedium concerning issues deeply rooted in contemporary flaws within our social and political institutions. Income disparity bolstered by greed and addiction to unsightly wealth, absence of political compromise and balanced legislation, growing authoritarianism, threats of violence and false allegations of voter fraud, even doubts about the integrity and flexibility of the Constitution. Accompanied by a persistent, life-threatening viral pandemic, teetering on the brink of control.

      Mark takes refuge in music, I turn to poetry, perhaps each of us clings to hope that “this too shall pass.” Meanwhile INHN and our website still exist, Tom Ban remains at the helm so there is space and time to share our concerns and hopes.


November 18, 2021