Jay D. Amsterdam: The Paroxetine 352 Bipolar Study Ethical Conduct


20. Attachment W (Letter to the Office of Research Integrity – Lawyer’s

letter excerpt)





        According to documents, Sally Laden of STI ghostwrote the 2003 editorial for Biological Psychiatry for Dr. Dwight L. Evans and Dr. Dennis Charney. Dr. Charney was then an employee at the NIH Intramural Program and he is now Dean of Research at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York. (See e.g., Attachment W and www.pogo.org/pogo-files/letters/public-health/ph-iis-20101129.html.)


Attachment W



Sally Laden < sally.laden@cox.net>






Proposal for 2 review articles




07/28/2003 09:40:30 (GMT-05:00)


Dear Eric:


Thank you for thinking of me for the Safety in Breast Feeding and the Tolerability of Paxil CR review articles. A proposal for both is attached. Please review and contact me with questions. As we discussed on Friday, X am not able to start work on these papers until September, but if we decide to move forward, I will reserve that month for these projects.


Two other questions:


1) Lydia Lewisfrom the DBSA asked me to be the writer for their upcoming dual diagnosis consensus meeting this November. She mentioned that Scott committed GSK to funding the writing costs for the consensus statement. Lydiais asking if GSK will be able to paying me directly rather than offering the DBSA a grant for the cost of the writing. I am having problems connecting with Scott. If you see him in the near future, would you inquire about this? I would submit the proposal directly to GSK and bill GSK directly.



2) Is there a problem with my invoice for writing Dwight Evans, editorial for the DBSA, scomorbidity issue to Biological Psychiatry? I submitted it over a month ago and was wondering about the status. If the payment cycle >30 days, so be it. I was just wondering.


Thanks again Eric. I look forward to working with you again.


Sally Laden MSE Communications


898 Cahill Court Cheshire, CT06410

T 203 y271-1047 F 203 y271-1054 E   sally.laden@cox.net - New business proposals.doc

Attachments:              New business proposals.doc;embedded picture.bmp



Produced By GSK In In Re Paxil, C.P.Ct.PA (Pregnancy)





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