Samuel Gershon’s reply to Thomas A.Ban’s question re Trautner

Lithium Controversy

Samuel Gershon’s answer to Thomas A. Ban’s question about Edward Trautner

Trautner got involved before Cade’s first paper on lithium was published in 1949, in the year Cade was going around giving lectures about his findings with lithium. A Senior Resident, Charles Noack, asked Trautner to come with him to hear Cade and discuss with him the the 100 patient study Trautner and Noack intended to do, in which they were to use a newly developed photometer to measure, for the first time, lithium levels in the blood. They went to the lecture, but Trautner did not talk to Cade. In so far as I know, they never talked to each other.  It was the study Trautner did with Noack and reported on in 1951 that Stromgren read and brought to the attention of Schou. There was no death or serious toxicity encountered in this 100 patient study. It was the perfect counter to the slow constant leaks from Cade? about deaths and severe side effects with lithium.    


Samuel Gershon

June 11, 2015