Samuel Gershon’s Comment on Walter Brown's Comment

Barry Blackwell's review of Johan Schioldann’s History of the Introduction of Lithium into Medicine and Psychiatry:  Birth of Modern Psychopharmacology 1949.  


             I think this is a perfectly reasonable comment and is not worth arguing about.

             However, I wish to come to Barry's defense in regard to Walter's claim that Barry strongly suggests that Schioldann feels the Lange brothers made the original discovery of Lithium's efficacy and possibly its prophylactic ability and, therefore, Cade needs to be considered as someone who only rediscovered these effects. In further support of this general contention is the fact that Dr. William Hammond, who was the head of Psychiatry at Bellevue hospital in New York, published a text book and other materials in the 1880-90s on the therapeutic effect of lithium on Mania and he made some very important statements about dosage management.

November 16, 2017