Samuel Gershon’s specific comments on Johan Schioldann’s comment
Johan Schioldann: The History of the Introduction of Lithium into Medicine and Psychiatry. Birth of Modern Psychopharmacology 1949
Reviewed by Barry Blackwell


This detailed, well documented and carefully analyzed presentation from the author of the book that started the discussion in these pages, is a most valuable critical assay of the material that we have had the chance to read to date.

He takes some of the milestones in the process and unravels their details and background and thus presents some important topical facts that elaborate the discussion of many of the questions in the discussions so far. Further, it should be added that he has a better understanding and direct knowledge of some of historical events that arose in Europe at the time of some of the earlier important events, such as the pioneering work of the Lange Brothers and the debates that took place about their presentation of their concept of recurrent depression. In addition, one must point out that Schou had a special friendship with Schioldann and we obtain some insight on events that are original to that relationship.

Finally, Schioldann’s own recherché in the vast collection of data for his book
helps clarify points of debate we have seen in the blogs presented thus far. I will utilize these sources in my attempt at summation and integration for my contribution.


March 8, 2018