Samuel Gershon’s general comment on Johan Schioldann’s comment
Johan Schioldann: The History of the Introduction of Lithium into Medicine and Psychiatry. Birth of Modern Psychopharmacology 1949
Reviewed by Barry Blackwell


            Firstly, I would like to tell you how pleased I am to regain contact with

            Your book, through Barry Blackwell’s review, created the open door through which interchange of ideas could and did take place on this important topic. The
responses have come from many different sources and individuals. The range of
reactions were as fruitful as a Rorschach Test! I have found it very
interesting that so many people looked at all the Cade material and
responded and interpreted it in so many different ways. As has been said of
much historical reporting, many external factors influence the position
reached by any reader.

            I think that the recent posting of your comment on Barry's review will reactivate this exchange

            In separate postings I will first comment on your comment. Then, to facilitate the exchange we expect will follow the current posting of your comment on Barry’s review, I will present an overview on the basis of the material we have so far. 

            I do not wish to repeat all the material about the patriotic
nature of the discovery, the unique contribution of the discoverer or debate
this with the many other points of view. Instead, I will attempt a deconstruction to
present the key points offered in the discussion and debate them, trying to
take into account the many external factors that pushed the story in
different directions. These factors include the importance of national
pride and the arguments offered by others debating this from many points of view.


March 1, 2018