Professor León S. Morra vignette by Carlos Morra


            The photo relevant to this vignette showing Carlos A. Albino, Juan Benin Casa, Eduardo A. Correa, Romulo Cúneo Versini, Alejandro Gallardo, Juan B. Gil Milburg, Juan S. Giordano, Miguel Liebetchulz, Ignacio Martinez, Luis Molina Segura, León S. Morra, Felix A. Olmedo, Di Pangrazio, Rafael Pinna and Antonio Torres was posted to on December 20, 2018, in Individual Photos in Photo Archives. It was taken in 1917 in Cordoba, Argentina, and features that year’s entire graduating class in medicine at the National University of Cordoba, along with two professors, Ignacio Martinez and León S. Morra, Carlos Morra’s paternal grandfather. One of the students in the graduating class is Felix A. Olmedo, Carlos Morra’s maternal grandfather.

            Dr. León S. Morra was born in 1882. He studied medicine and became professor of psychiatry and director of Cordoba´s National University, one of the oldest in the Americas founded in 1613, from 1924 to 1928 and 1945 to 1946, respectively. Previously, in 1918, Dr. Morra was elected mayor of Cordoba and served for a period of three years. During his tenure with the University, in 1927, he founded clinic “las rosas,” that he directed until he passed away on March 16, 1948. After his death the name of the clinic was changed by Professor Carlos A. Morra to Sanatorio Prof. León S. Morra in honor of his father.


January 3, 2019