First Scientific Meetings of CINP

Poster 5

       First Scientific Meetings of CINP is one (5thrd) of six posters of a poster presentation prepared by Hanns Hippius on the History of the CINP for CINP’s Fifty Year Anniversary celebrated at CINP’s 51st International Congress in Munich, July 13-17, 2008. The posters were displayed in a room at the Psychiatry Clinic of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, referred to here as the Hanns Hippius CINP Archives at the Clinic. At the time Hippius, with the support of Hans Jurgen-Moller, Director of the Clinic and CINP’s History Committee, recommended the establishment of CINP’s International Psychopharmacology Archives of the Collegium in that room. The posters were received from Hans-Jurgen Moller.




September 5, 2019