John Court’s vignette of Sigmund Freud, AA Brill, Ernest Jones, Stanley Hall, Sándor  Ferenczi and Carl Jung’s photo (1909):  In 1908, with a letter of reference from Dr. (later Sir) William Osler, the young Dr. Ernest Jones arrived from England seeking a medical staff appointment at the Hospital for the Insane (now the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – CAMH – Queen Street Site), Toronto.  This photo was taken in the following year at Clark University (Worcester, MA) during Sigmund Freud’s only visit to America.  Drs. A.A. Brill and Ernest Jones (left rear) welcomed Drs. Freud (left front), Carl Jung (right front) and Sandor Ferenczi (right rear) when they disembarked at New York, traveling on with them to Worcester.  The five psychiatrists were photographed with Clark’s President Stanley Hall (front center).  Photo reproduction courtesy of Clarke Irwin Publishers, Toronto, and the CAMH Archives. (See also in Photo archives, Individual Photos).


May 2, 2019