Front and back covers of August Wimmer’s Psychogenic Psychosis, edited and translated into English from the Danish original by Johan Schioldann. The 232-page text, published in 2003 in Adelaide (Australia) by Adelaide University Press, has Forwards from Johan Schioldann, German Berrios and  Nils Retterstol (front cover) and recommendations from Poul Faergeman, Eric Stromgren, German Berrios and Nils Retterstol (back cover). Schioldann’s translation was based on Wimmer’s chapter, Psykogene Psykoser (pages 489-520), in his Speciel klinisk Psykiatri for Studerende og Læger, published in 1936 in Copenhagen by Levin & Munksgaard.


July 25, 2019