Max Fink Collection
Revised April 12, 2018


1. All of my records, dating back to my start as a resident at Hillside Hospital in 1952, are catalogued in the Special Collections and Archives at the Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library, at the State University of New York Stony Brook:<>.  Stony Brook, NY 11794-3323.  Tel: 631.632.7119 (t); 631.632.1829 (f). 

            A Finding-Aid indexing of the collection is available at the Library website.


2. A full biography describing the contributions to electroshock, pharmacoEEG, clinical psychopharmacology, opioid and cannabis studies, melancholia and catatonia is submitted as an experimentalist's journey.


3. A curriculum vitae cites published articles, reviews and published books.  All the print publications are available through the Max Fink Collection, Stony Brook University|Libraries.


4. The archives contain numerous photographs taken at meetings of ACNP, CINP, SBP, ACT, etc.  of members of these societies.  These can be selected, dated and added to the INHN files.


5. Special histories for pharmaco-EEG and catatonia are attached.


The Archives were established with the encouragement of Edward Shorter and David Healy when they interviewed me for their book, Shock Therapy, in 2005


July 26, 2017