Jay D. Amsterdam: The Paroxetine 352 Bipolar Study Ethical Conduct


14. Attachment Q (Letter to the Office of Research Integrity – Lawyer’s

letter excerpt)


        On May 11, 2001, Dr. Amsterdam emailed Dr. Rickels and explained that he considered data that he (Dr. Amsterdam) accumulated in his research unit from the study "were misappropriated from me and used and published without my knowledge and without regard to the significant contribution that I made to this study." Dr. Amsterdam complained that the "theft and publication of [his] data should not go unnoticed and uncensured." He proposed that Dr. Gyulai write a letter of apology and be censured in order to ensure "this situation does not happen again." (Attachment P.)


        Ten days later, Dr. Rickels emailed Dr. Amsterdam stating that he had shared Dr. Amsterdam's comments with Dr. Evans and, once he received a reply from Dr. Evans, he (Dr. Rickels) would like to meet with Dr. Amsterdam to discuss the topic. (Attachment Q.)


Attachment Q


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Dear Jay,


I have shared your comments RE: SKB Publication, with Dr. Evans. Once I hear a response from him, I would like to get together with you on this topic.





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