Samuel Gershon’s further response to Carlos Hojaij’s reply
Carlos R. Hojaij: Ethics for psychiatrists


            Back to anti -inflammatory agents again.

            Celebrex, the sister compound to VIOXX… they have done a new large safety follow-up study on Celebrex and mirabile dictum, they have strongly found that Celebrex is better than mother’s milk and not a side effect in sight.

       This finding could indeed be correct!!, but please review this whole situation; two new compounds — great stuff!! Then, of course, they have to go to war to determine the winner and grant them the prize of winner takes all, so today -- the winner is Celebrex. 

           We must understand what happened in this encounter — the effects for both patients and drug companies are enormous. So, we must think deeply about these sorts of experience and the enormous losses and waste to both companies and patients 



March 15, 2018